Donor Club

We are grateful to our charter members. Their generous donations will fight America’s childhood obesity and diabetes epidemic through school garden and healthy nutrition education. ‘Mahalo’(thank you) for your Aloha and ‘Kokua’ (help). 

Mauna Kea Foundation, Inc.
Donor Club
2012  Charter Membership
Carol Hocker
Lon Hocker
David Higgins
Ilona Higgins
Carol Pierson
Shaun Little
Philip Dorsey
Donna Dorsey
Milton Higgins
Catherine McInnis
Victor McInnis
Marianne O’Connell
William O’Connell
Joanne Leveroni
Timothy W. Leveroni
Timothy A. Leveroni
Jacqueline Noyes
Brent Noyes
Dan Leveroni
Maureen Leveroni
Josephina Leveroni
Christopher Leveroni
Ann Christy Catizone
Catherine Fatemi
Tim Keating
John Driscoll
Cindy Driscoll
Bradley Ducoat
Susan Ducoat
John Keaveny
Bea Keaveny
Terry Keating
The Campbell Family
Jeff Bonina
Pam Bonina
Gene Bonina
Grace Bonina
Linda Abrams
John Driscoll
Paula Driscoll
Joseph Smiroldo
 Gloria Smiroldo 


Carol & Lon Hocker


Carol Pierson
The Dorsey Family
Milton Higgins
The Leveroni Family Foundation


Catherine & Victor McInnis

Lifetime Membership

Dave & Ilona Higgins
Tim Keating
Terry Keating
Jeff & Pam Bonina
Gene & Grace Bonina
John & Bea Keaveny
Brad & Susan Ducoat
The Campbell Family
Linda Abrams
John & Paula Driscoll
Smiroldo Family

The Mauna Kea Foundation, Inc. Donor Club public support donations as of December 31, 2012
Five thousand five hundred sixty dollars.

All Donors, please fill in contact information on page 7 (Contact Us). Mahalo (Thank You) for your generous support in America’s fight against childhood obesity and diabetes